Exclusive Interview of Ray, creative lead for Nokia L&C



On 25th April 2012, Ray (creative lead for Nokia L&C) did a party to celebrate the end of a long project…. the new iconography set is now ready! For this amazing event we had colored posters, decorated cupcakes and champagne in a very good mood, here at the 7th floor of Nokia House Berlin!


Who are you?

I am Ray, I am 28 and I am the creative lead for Nokia Location web services.

Since when are you working at Nokia?

I have been at Nokia for nearly 3 years, working at Nokia is an amazing adventure, I love the fact that have the opportunity to be creative and groundbreaking in the field of ‘Location’ – changing what mapping and places mean to people and how we interact with them. To make this happen, I lead a team of amazing visual designers who create beautiful interfaces, experiences and maps!

Tell me more about the Iconography Party

For the past few months we have been working on a new set of fresher, more human and easier to understand icons for our place categories.

This was a big task, where the team individually crafted each icon to make them more ownable as well as being crisp when added on top of a map from large down to small sizes.

We also wanted to really emphasise the point of adding human-ness and a sense of emotion into them – making them, what I think is, one of the most thought-out, friendliest and clearest collection of category icons out there.

We wanted to bring people together to celebrate a piece of work that we thought everyone in L&C would come in contact with and benefit from, so coupled with the fact that we had recently moved into a new building, we decided to have a party!

And as always with a party, we had to have giveaways – so we designed some unique posters mashing up our icons and pop culture for a permanent exhibition and for people to take.

It was a great event, where not just designers came together, but people from all over the L&C unit -seeding conversations between people that might not have known each other, hopefully it’ll kick start us to be more proud of the work we do, to celebrate it and to share it within the company.

The new icons are out in some of our products already (try maps.nokia.com/webgl) and will be in others in the near future, so watch this space!



Thanks very much to Ray for replying to my questions!

In bonus you can download here the posters in PDF. Which one is your favorite?